The Electro-Spinner

This project is called the Electro-Spinner because it spins a disk for long amounts of time. It has a disk attached to a motor and the motor is attached to a circuit board. One challenge that I had was soldering the battery into the circuit board. Overall, the Electro-Spinner is a nice project that is very cool to watch.



Area of Interest

Music, Mechanical Engineering


Birch Wathen Lenox


Incoming Senior

Final Milestone


My time at Bluestamp was a great amount of fun. Firstly, the people at Bluestamp are friendly. Secondly, the projects that they had to offer were very fun to make. Also, the pizza on Friday’s was great too and they were tasty. Thirdly, the atmosphere was great as well. All in all, my time at Bluestamp was a blast. Overall, I would do engineering as a hobby and now I know how to solder.

For my final milestone, I have completed the TV B Gone kit. This works by inserting a battery and having wires power a circuit. There are LED’s that show in an IR setting that flash pink when the project works. They make a signal that can turn off the TV and this creates a charge.  There is also a green LED that blinks when the machine is on. Some challenges I faced were that the wires came loose a couple of times without me knowing. All in all, this was a great project to work on that I can use in the house.

Second Milestone

For my second milestone, I completed a game called Simon Says. What this is made up of is a circuit board with two batteries and a chip on the back. What the chip enables this to do is to light up and blink when you turn it on. One challenge that I had with the board was soldering the chips onto the board. Another challenge that I had was soldering the sound button. All in all, this project was very fun to make and it has a unique set up. 

First Milestone

For my first milestone, I finished my electro-spinner and once it is charged enough, it will spin light from a disk into the air and make light waves. Furthermore, it is connected to a battery and this should propel the spinner to spin very fast. Also, the spinner is held by the motor shaft. I learned that it is possible to spin a disk without putting it in a disk player.  All in all, this was a major milestone because it was my second ever project to be done at Bluestamp for me.

Starter Project

For my starter project, I created a LED light show with a rainbow that flashed out. What I did to create this light show is built a little circuit board on top of acrylic. I learned that the project needed to be precise in how you soldered it. Also, I learned that the project could be completed in not that much time. All in all, I gained a lot of experience in Electrical engineering by working on the LED light show.
  • Phyllis Edelson

    Now I understand what Henry does at BlueStamp. His projects are neat. Keep up the good work.

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