About BlueStamp

We are a hands on technology program for high school students. We don’t do lectures, tests, or homework. We just build cool stuff from scratch.

Why am I learning this?


At BlueStamp we understand the reason for lectures, exams, and tests. However, while we recognize that students must be evaluated in this manner, it is not always as enjoyable and does not always answer the question of “Why am I learning this”? The personal motivation in creating BlueStamp was to offer a real world experience in technology. Throughout our careers, we have found that customers want something very simple: high value products that work. BlueStamp replicates this aspect of the global marketplace to give students the most relevant and useful education possible. The BlueStamp team looks forward to working with students every summer as they develop passions in a challenging and exciting atmosphere!

The Founders

  • Robin Mansukhani
    Robin Mansukhani Co-founder

    Robin Mansukhani is co-founder of Alzeca Biosciences, a biotech company focused on developing an early stage diagnostic technology for Alzheimer’s disease.  Prior to Alzeca, he co-founded several companies in renewable energy and biotech.  Additionally, Robin has traveled the country lecturing on technology entrepreneurship, most recently at the Rice Business school and NYU’s Stern School of Business. Robin has served a term in AmeriCorps, volunteered with MindsMatter (academic mentoring program for low income students), and provided mentorship to Thiel Fellows.  He lives in San Francisco with his wife, daughter, and indefatigable dog.

  • Dave Young
    Dave Young Co-founder

    Dave Young has 13 years of professional circuit design experience and currently operates Young Circuit Designs, a consulting firm which designs electronic products for startups from project definition through manufacturing. With a life-long love of teaching, he has been a camp counselor in high school, circuits lab TA in college, and now serves as Adjunct Faculty at the Colorado School of Mines.

The Directors

  • Erik Hatlestad
    Erik Hatlestad Director

    Erik Hatlestad loves to understand the relationship between humans and devices. His collegiate career brought about an intersection of business and engineering, driving his passion for small business and entrepreneurship.  His passions for cycling, climbing, and coffee allow him to explore how design can influence user experience.  When not working with the BSE staff to help high school students create, he works on telling and sharing stories through Relik.

  • Jessie Contour
    Jessie Contour Director

    Jessie is a creative technologist and educator with 4+ years of teaching experience. She comes from a background of 3D animation, spending several years working as a technical artist in the video game industry before receiving her MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design. Jessie spent a year designing and building interactive exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History before deciding to focus her career on education. She currently is an Adjunct Faculty at Parsons and Hunter College in addition to working with BlueStamp Engineering. 

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