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Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring


Our online tutoring program enables students to learn in a one-on-one environment to make individualized progress. We match students to tutors of the appropriate level, and students are free to request sessions as their schedules allow. This makes this the perfect option for students with busy schedules who still want to build hands-on projects.

Whether you have an ongoing project that you need help with or if you have no idea where to start, BSE can help you make clear progress and learn new skills!


  • Make progress on an individual project of your choice.

    BSE can help you pick a project if you're not sure what you want to build with, or you can come to us with an idea you want to bring to reality.

  • Join us regardless of experience level.

    Our tutoring program is open for all middle through high school students with an interest in building engineering projects!

  • Get matched with an instructor based on your interests.

    BSE matches each student with a tutor based on goals and interests, and each student meets with the same tutor each time. Students may also change tutors, availability permitting.

  • Meet with your instructor as often as you'd like.

    Join us from anywhere online, and pay as you go. Our standard pricing is $100/hour, and discounts are available for booking multiple sessions in advance.

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