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  • Ganesj K

    I am a final year student of engg and I am doing my final year project.
    I’d use the eye blinking to control a servo motor but I can not get this data, I did search but nothing concrete. Apparently I should initialize arduino to handle that type of data.
    I already have a working program, but uses the attention …

    I’m encountering this problem and I’ve noticed in the Mindset communication protocole documentation that the eyes blinkin’ datas are only availbale with the TGCD and TGC APIs.
    I keep searching but and don’t have any hopes at all =(

    So I kindly request you to help me by providing an arduino pgm for detecting eye blink strength.Please reply as soon as possible.

  • Steven

    how did it cost in tot;la, i would love to biuld one

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