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Arnav G.

Area of Interest

Computer Science


California High School

Graduating Class


Second Milestone

My final milestone is the increased reliability and accuracy of my robot. I ameliorated the sagging and fixed the reliability of the finger. As discussed in my second milestone, the arm sags because of weight. I put in a block of wood at the base to hold up the upper arm; this has reverberating positive effects throughout the arm. I also realized that the forearm was getting disconnected from the elbow servo’s horn because of the weight stress on the joint. Now, I make sure to constantly tighten the screws at that joint.

2nd Project

My "Secret" Image

My second project was somewhere between a main project and another starter project. I created a Mini-POV, which essentially displays a message when photographed using a long exposure camera. It works using a potentiometer which is able to change the literal length of an image by controlling the amount of voltage let through to the LEDs. For a more in depth explanation, watch the video!

Starter Project

Starter Project - Minty Boost

The Starter Project that I chose to work on is the Minty Boost. It is essentially a portable battery pack powered by two AA batteries that is able to charge any device which uses a USB cord. Through this project I was able to learn some of the most essential skills in electronics, such as soldering, as well as more about different types of parts, such as resistors and diodes, which gave me a strong understanding of electronic parts before moving into my main projects. Overall, Minty Boost was a fun project that really helped me get my feet wet in the world of electronics.

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