Arduino Pong Game

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Argus C


ie Electrical Engineering

Drew High School

Argus C

Incoming 9th grader

Incoming 9th grader

Final Milestone

My final milestone is the increased reliability and accuracy of my robot. I ameliorated the sagging and fixed the reliability of the finger. As discussed in my second milestone, the arm sags because of weight. I put in a block of wood at the base to hold up the upper arm; this has reverberating positive effects throughout the arm. I also realized that the forearm was getting disconnected from the elbow servo’s horn because of the weight stress on the joint. Now, I make sure to constantly tighten the screws at that joint.

Second Milestone

My second milestone was getting my pong game to work. I was using some code that made the game work. The light board was not in the right orientation so instead of desoldering the lights, I got some new code that almost worked with my current set up I just needed another light board. I luckily had another so I connected it to the first. After I did that I booted up the game and it ran perfectly. What I am going to do next is put may game in a case and make it look much better than it does. Another thing I am going to do is connect the two screens because some times they slide apart and it makes it hard to play.

First Milestone

My first milestone was to figure out the lights and make sure they work for my Arduino pong game. This included figuring out the wiring of the lights. I had some trouble with the wiring, I was putting the GND or hot wire in the place where I need to put the wire that produced the electricity. What is happening is when I plug the Arduino into a power source the code on the Arduino make the light stay on. Something I found is if I unplug the ground and the power but keep the other wires plugged in and I keep the Arduino plugged in too, the lights would flicker. That made me think that I would need the other wires for things like controls for the paddles and the out put for the code of the way the ball moved and when the paddles hit the ball. Since I don’t have the controllers for the pong paddle set up and I don’t have all the code, I am not able to make the game run but that is my next steps.

Pressure Sensor Servo

My Starter Project was getting a servo to spin with a pressure sensor and Arduino. I had to connect the sensor to the Arduino and I had to connect the servo to the Arduino. I encountered some troubles with the wiring, I would bout it in the wrong order, but after I figured that out I had no more troubles finishing my project. Since I did not have a huge challenge was able to finish it in a day.

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