Magic/Smart Mirror

The Smart Mirror displays information such as time, weather, calendar events, and much more, while also being a mirror and a home décor piece. The smart mirror is modern day integration of technology


Alvin R

Interest Field

Computer Engineering


University Heights 


Rising Senior

Final Milestone

For my final milestone I completed the build for the project. This included the CAD drawings that I created for this project. Mounting and coding the LED’s, building a frame for the the monitor, applying film to the acrylic. I also updated my modules for the last time so that I would be

Second Milestone

For my second milestone I was able to complete all the modules that I wanted. This included the slideshow wallpaper, screencast, google calendar events, and weather modules. After completing this I had to make sure they are updated and working properly which took some trouble shooting with the code. There was also a lot of coding which was in java script. Using my knowledge from the past I was able to debug problems found in the code not enabling the module to work properly. This milestone was on the harder side of the project because I didn’t the know how to code java script, which I had to learn.

First Milestone

For my first milestone I was able to get the Magic Mirror software up and running on the raspberry pi. I first had to set up the raspberry pi with its own operating software. This was downloaded from the raspberry pi website and then flash it onto a micro SD card, which I then was able to use on the raspberry pi. After this I could then run code in the terminal to install the library and the software needed to run the magic mirror

Why this Project ?

The reason I have chose this project was to develop my skills with the raspberry pi and engineering as a whole. With the background knowledge of coding I was able to bring old skills and apply them to the new ones that I learned while building this project. I also had chosen this project for the practicality of it, I plan to use and develop this project in the future. Coding the smart mirror application of this project is well supported and reaching out to others can help me reach goals I set out for this project in the future.

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