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Shanice L.

IoT Weather Indicator

The IoT Weather Indicator is a device that changes colors based on the current weather.
Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Shanice L.
Homestead High School
Mechanical Engineering
Incoming Senior


Overall, I had a fun experience at Bluestamp. I learned a lot of electrical engineering and software engineering through building my circuit and coding. While building, I encountered many problems that I had to solve myself. With this Bluestamp experience, I hope to apply the knowledge that I gained to future projects and build many things!



For my third milestone, I made modifications to my project. I made 3 types of weathers flash different colors and also added an lcd screen thats displays the current time in PST. I combined the codes to make them both work at once. For example, I made rain flash purple and indigo.


For my second milestone, I got the Neopixel strip to change colors when the weather changes. For example, when the weather changes cloudy, the ledstrip will turn purple. I used the particle photon to write the code and IFTTT to get the weather. I also got the ledstrip to work with buttons so I can manually change the colors.


For my first milestone, I played around with the Neopixel strip and the particle photon. I connected the particle photon to my wifi and wired it to the Neopixel strip. I coded the particle photon so that the LED lights change colors in rainbow order starting from one side to the other.