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David T.

Wifi Strength Tester

The WiFi strength tester is a device that is capable of tracking the last five seconds of your internet speeds and uploading them onto the cloud for storage. It is capable of sending SMS messages to your phone whenever a drastic change is detected.
Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
David T
Archbishop Riordan Highschool
Electrical Engineering
Incoming Junior


My first milestone is to communicate with Particle’s online console. I did this using the Particle.Publish function, however, I ran into bugs which were solved by adding delay as the function should never be called more than 4 times per second. Once I was able to establish Particle.Publish I used it to test WiFi.RSSI();(which is the function that returns the signal strength of a wifi signal). Once I had that working successfully I tried linking it to Ubidots, it was a hassle as it was the first time I sent data through the internet. By using a heavily integrated service called Webhooks, I was able to connect Ubidots to my Particle Photon.


For my Second Milestone, I was able to send data to google sheets using google script. By taking advantage of WebHook’s PUSH API functionality it made communicating with Google Sheets easier than it could’ve been. To send the past 5 seconds I had to include a buffer that kept track of the most recent data and store it for later in case the button is pressed.


For my Third Milestone, I polished my project. I made a 3d model of my case an printed it out on my Ender 3 pro. I also hooked up an LCD 16×2 screen to my Particle Photon to display the data without having to view the console or Ubidots. Using I2C it was easy to integrate the LCD screen into my project. To learn more about this method of communication click here: https://www.circuitbasics.com/basics-of-the-i2c-communication-protocol/