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Alvin R.

Custom Bluetooth Speaker

This is a custom-built Bluetooth speaker that I have programmed using an ESP32 and a DAC to have my own Bluetooth connection. This also includes custom drivers and a built box to go along with it.
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Alvin R.
University Heights
Computer Engineering
Rising Senior


This here is my completed project with all of my modifications and fabrications done. I have finalized all of the modules and updated them a final time. The LEDs are installed and programmed; the wood has been cut to fit the border, mounting the monitor has been finalized. All these steps are completely done and any modifications to them are also done. I am confident with the final product, I added my own touch with the LEDs creating the effect of an infinity mirror around the border.


For my final milestone I completed the build for the project. This included the CAD drawings that I created for this project. Mounting and coding the LED’s, building a frame for the the monitor, applying film to the acrylic. I also updated my modules for the last time so that I would be


For my second milestone, I have completed the testing of the components. This included the ESP32, DAC, AMP, and speakers connected. As I said in my video the breadboard is not great for audio and it introduced a considerable amount of interference and feedback that you could audibly hear. Also for this milestone, I was able to finalize the dimensions for the box. Using the software WinISD which is a tuning software for drivers and speaker enclosures. You tune the frequency based on the sound you want. In this case, I have gone for vented as it has much more power in the lower frequencies. All in all this milestone was easier and just time consuming to tune the speaker sounds and box shapes.


For my first milestone I had to do a considerable amount of research especially on drivers and amps that would work with the the DAC. With the idea of configuring my own Bluetooth module I knew I was using the microcontroller ESP32 which would need a external DAC to get the best quality. After first understanding this I was able to move onto researching drivers. This took some time because of the fact that I was looking for a specific sound, that I have come to like. This depends on the music you listen to and what you are looking for. If you are using different drivers like a sub woofer and a tweeter you would need a crossover to split up the audio frequency based on those drivers as they have different applications. Finally came the amplifier, this did not take as much time because most of the other parts help this fall into place, I knew I needed a class d amp which made narrowing my search much better. But I also knew that I needed an amp that would be sufficient enough to drive the speakers but not to overpower them. This is all data you learn and understand looking at datasheets and what you research. All of these things come together to give you the best experience that you can come up with.


The reason I have chosen this project is because I saw that it hadn’t been done by anyone in the program before and I could use my experience to guide others into doing their own speakers. There is a plenty of research and data sheets to look at to come up with your own custom speakers, sound is a major area of personalization and takes a lot of time and hard work to dial it in. This project really has allowed me to dive deeper into audio and have a better understanding an appreciation for it.