Laser Sundial

This project has four components,two stepper motors a ds3231 clock module,photo interrupter and two lasers.


Yna O

Area of Interest

Finance/ Environmental Engineering

Fordham Leadership Academy.


9th Grade

Incoming Sophomore

First Milestone


My first milestone was making the real time ds3231 clock module work, it’s function is telling the time.I started off by placing the clock into a breadboard,connected the SDA and SCL pins on the Arduino to the clock, connected the GND AND 5V on the arduino plus the rails on the breadboard. I then continued by using javascript with the Arduino Editor  to make the clock work.

Second Milestone

The second milestone was connecting two stepper motors to the project.The purpose of this was to make the stepper spin like the hour and minute hands of  a clock.First i connected the negative and positive pins on the stepper motor to the negative and positive pins on the breadboard,IN1-4 pins to the digital pins on the Arduino.The steps and speed determined by the code made the motor spin every once every hour and minute.

Third and Final Milestone.

For the third Milestone i assembled all the components together on a wooden clock face.

Starter Project


The starter Project was connecting the servo to the arduino  uno board. The purpose of this  was to ensure the arduino worked,if it did the servo rotated fast or slow depending on how it was programmed.the first thing i did was connecting the servo arm and ensuring it stayed in place using a screw,then i connected jumper wires to the end wires so i could connect them to the arduino,i connected the brown pin on the servo to the GND of the arduino,the red pin of the servo to the 5V of the arduino and lastly the orange pin of the servo to the digital pin(9) on the arduino.My last step was programing the setup so it could function.Some issues i faced were trying to  get the right code for the setup to work and where to connect the pins.


Project is powered by Arduino,the led turns on the clock module tells the time,when it is noon the stepper motors spin every second,making the laser cast a line,when it is not noon and for example three the stepper motors spin like a normal clock,when the photo interrupter is blocked the motor for the minute hand spins until the photo interrupter is not blocked.

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