Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot

My project is a robot which is able to use a sensor and code on the Arduino in order to move around while not hitting obstacles.


Winston W

Area of Interest

Computer Science


Los Altos High School


Rising Senior


Demo Day Video

Overall, I really enjoyed this project. I came to BlueStamp in order to improve my skills with the physical side of electrical engineering and I’ve gained a lot of new knowledge about this. The Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot required a lot of assembly and patience. I’m glad that I got the chance to learn more about the Arduino and how it can affect motors and servos to move the robot around. I really enjoyed my experience at BlueStamp and would like to try projects on my own in the future.

Third Milestone

Demo Video

My third milestone is the full functionality of my robot. I had to adjust my code many times in order to cause my car to change directions correctly. One of the challenges I faced was having the car be too sensitive so that it detected objects from far away. In my obstacle setup, this problem meant that the car was basically never moving forward. It would stop immediately after turning. I fixed this by decreasing the activation distance of the detection.

Second Milestone

My second milestone is allowing my sensor to detect distance. To show this, I wrote code in order to change the brightness of an led I wired to the Arduino depending on the distance that the sensor was receiving. The way the sensor receives distances is through ultrasonic waves. This is similar to echolocation that bats use to perceive distance.

First Milestone

My first milestone is the full assembly of the robot and implementation of movement without having it able to change directions when meeting an object. The biggest problem I faced was making every component fit on the chassis since the objects didn’t have defined places that they were supposed to be put. I ended up using screws, hot glue, and zip ties to attach everything I needed to my frame.

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