Alexa and Photon

Home Automation with Alexa and Particle Photon

My project is Amazon Alexa with Particle Photon, a Wifi development kit. It can take information from many different sensors and relay it to the user through Alexa.


Winston L.

Area of Interest

Computer Science


Lynbrook High School




Final Project

final project text

Second Milestone

milestone 2 text

First Milestone

My first milestone is receiving data from the DHT22 temperature sensor. The sensor outputs through one pin to the Particle Spark Core, a wifi development kit. It then travels from the Particle cloud via webhook to ThingSpeak, an IoT (Internet of Things) website that graphs the temperature in real time. A webhook is just a way for websites get or put information from other websites. There are 4 kinds of webhooks : POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE. POST sends something, GET retrieves something, PUT replaces something, and DELETE removes something.




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