Obstacle Avoiding Robot

There are a few major steps when it comes to building an obstacle avoiding robot, first getting the motors to work properly, making the ultrasonic sensor work properly, and then adding my own twist to the robot. An ultrasonic sensor works by sending out a sound wave and measuring how long it takes for the sound to bounce off the object it is facing and with that knowledge, it can calculate how far the object is from it.


Will M

Area of Interest



Loyola Highschool


Rising sophomore

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this project are that overall it was an amazing experience with many new learning curves and a bunch of new skills that I have aquired. Although there were a few issues I had to deal with I never gave up or lost hope and it is because of that, that I have my project finished to the best of my ability!

Third Milestone


For my third Milestone, Which was all about modifications, I had to set up my neo pixel lights and my color sensor and individually test them. To my surprise it worked first try but little did I know how difficult It was going to be to set them up together. It took me days to perfect my color sensing code but After A long time I  finally Got it sorted. For the last part of the project all I had to do was make it look cool. I took apart my old remote controlled car and used its cover as my own. I soldered a hole through the top of it for the lights and I placed the color sensor at the very bottom of the chassis.

Second Milestone


My Second milestone was very exciting due to the fact that my base project was finally complete and I could now move on to modifications. Setting up the ultra sonic sensor involved a ton of wiring and a lot of coding that I had to constantly fix so it would work. But after a few days of trial and error I was able to get it done and I felt fantastic!

First Milestone


My first milestone was very exciting for me due to the fact that I have never dealt with this kind of robotics or coding at all. Getting the motors to work was not too difficult for me though because all I really had to do is build the chassis, do some basic wiring and write up some code to move the robot back and forth. the main problem I came across while getting to my first milestone was the coding part of it, this was because I wasn’t really used to Arduino coding so I made a few mistakes. other than that though I would say my first milestone was a great success!



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