Wien Bridge Oscillator

Hi my name is Vansh and I am going into the 9th grade.My main project was an oscillator. I chose this project because I really wanted to challenge myself and work with breadboards. Some big components in this project were a voltage divider and an opamp. The voltage divider changes the circuit so it has negative voltage. The opamp basically pushes and pulls the current throughout the current. I had a lot of problems along the way and one of them even involved restarting. But, overall I learned a lot from this project and I had a lot of fun. I hope to experiment more with breadboards with the knowledge that I gained from this project.

Big Time Watch

This was my second starter project and I chose this because it looked like a project which I could finish in a week. This project ended up being very easy to build but, I still learned a lot from it. Throughout this project I learned how resistors worked and how they reduced current flow. I also learned how capacitors and crystal oscillators work. My next project will be a wien bridge oscillator.

Mini Keyboard

My project is a mini keyboard. Some of the main components of my project are the capacitors, resistors, and the micro controller. I chose the mini keyboard because I do not have a lot of experience with these type of stuff and the keyboard seemed like an easy project to do. My next project will be a little more difficult and it’s a watch

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