R/C Robot Tank

Remote Control Robot Tank that has a laser and lights up


Troy S

Area of Interest

Aerospace/ Mechanical Engineering


the Heritage School


Incoming Senior

Final Milestone

For my second milestone I had to wire the arduino to the receiver so my tank would receive transmission from my controller. Then I had to download a ps2 library example so my tank would be controlled with my controller. After doing this I had to adapt the code by putting together both my motors code and my ps2 code so when I use my controller my tank would move.

First Milestone

My First Milestone for my R/C Tank is building the chassis consisting of the wheels and the treads. Next I had to assemble the gearbox for the motor to run. After finishing the chassis, I moved onto the wiring. I had to wire the arduino to the motor driver then to the motors. For the motor I had to solder the wires to it. After finishing wiring I had to download a motor driver library and had to adapt the code to tell my tank motors whether to go forward or backward. Some challenges I faced was fixing the gearbox cause I put some of the components in the wrong place. Another challenge I faced was the wire to the motor broke off, which meant I had to replace the motor because the wire was solder to the motor.


Starter Project

My Starter Project is the Minty Boost which charges daily appliances. The componenets that make up the charger are resistors, capacitors,  a five volt boost converter chip, a diode, three volt batteries, and inductors. How the charger works is it takes the current from the batteries and runs the current to the inductors which is a coil of wire that stores energy and creates a magnetic field. Then there’s a boost converter chip that acts as a on and off switch for an alternate circuit and causes the magnetic field to collaspe and creates the extra voltage needed to charge your phone . There’s also resistors that limit the current in the circuit. The next component is the diode which makes sure the current doesn’t flow backward. The final component is a capacitor which stores and releases energy and charges the phone. What I enjoyed about this project is that this is my first engineering project and my first step into my engineering career.


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