Hello, my name is Tatiana. I am a rising senior at Arrupe Jesuit High School. I spend my time making lists, strengthening my knowledge, volunteering and staying active with my friends. I am a one week BlueStamp Engineering student. My starter project is the Mini POV3. The Mini POV3 is a persistence of vision (POV) toy that runs on two AA batteries. I entered this program with no prior experience of engineering. My passion for math and science motivated me to gain experience and knowledge in the field in anyway I could. By participating in the BlueStamp Engineering program and completing my starter project I did just that. This experience will help me in my future career as an engineer.

Tatiana's Starter Project BSE Denver 2015
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  • Rebecca Johnson

    I am really inspired by your persistence and dedication to your dream of becoming an engineer. You are the future of your generation. Keep up the good work. You inspire me to become a better person.

  • Rebecca

    This project looks incredible. Can you please provide some type of directions? I would like to replicate it.

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