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  • Sandra Asiimwe

    I’m so proud of Nash Tarique,, he did a tremendous work. the amount of work done independently to fix Raspberry Pi Camera demonstrates how innovative and creative students can be while learning new things. Its outstanding to see how Raspberry Pi Camera operates while it is connected to a mini computer and plugged into a computer monitor, mouse and keyboard. Well done Nash Tarique for sharing your experience gained at BlueStamp Engineering

  • Mariama Djibo

    Congratulations for a job well done. This is truly a major achievement to your credit. Keep it up, Tarique! We are all very proud of you.

  • Francis Sseremba

    So proud Nash for the good project and determination in you. Please stay focused and the sky will be the limit.

  • Marie Conserve-Laurent

    Well done Nash Tarique! You have done an amazing job working to fix Raspberry Pi Camera. I believe BlueStamp Engineering offers students a platform that amplifies their voice and gives them a reason to practice creating innovative ideas. The result, shows just by the amount of work you have accomplished in such a limited time. However this is not the only happy consequence, you have also hone your ability to critically reflect and express your own thoughts and creativity . I believe this project was the most effective tool I have seen used to inspire our future innovators. Great job!!!

  • Lonnie

    Having a great interest in Computer and the evolving technology, I was glad to learn of a young person such as Mr. Nash Tarique, who did not waste his summertime by finding an interest in something that was both educational and enlightening. I have seen several topics on the Raspberry PI mini Computer in many issues of Maximum PC magazine, in the last year and a half, which I would recommend that he checks out (Maximum PC has joint with PC-Gamer to offer better content and more in-depth knowledge on Technology). Nash keep up the good work as it will serve you well in College and in securing a future career that is sure to be fulfilling. Wishing you all the best.

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