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Surabhi R

Area Of Interest

Software Engineering


Fremont High School


Rising Junior

Third Milestone

My third milestone was getting the MP3 player to work. However, there was a software bug which prevented me from reading my micro SD card. This issue was not easy to solve and it took so much work to debug. This problem was solved after I reformatted my micro SD card and pushed it down to get proper connection between my SD card and MP3 Shield. Then it worked great!  I then moved my downloaded MP3 files to my BSE Section in my Finder. Then the code worked and all my music files can play now!

Second Milestone

The first part of my second milestone was attaching the MP3 Player Shield to the Arduino R3 board. It was self explanatory, but a bit complicated since the wires of the male/female headers weren’t perfectly straight. So the way to do it was to bend the wires a little and then it fit just fine. The second part was downloading the MP3 files and renaming them. To download the MP3 files, I went to YouTube and searched for the songs I wanted. I copied the video link and went to the youtube to MP3 website and then put the link into the youtube to MP3 website. I pressed start and then it updated. Then I downloaded, and then uploaded it onto my microSD card.

First Milestone

My first milestone is completion of my MP3 Player Shield. I soldered the male/female headers onto it. Unfortunately, later I discovered that I soldered the wrong wires in the right places. I desoldered them, and most of them worked, but a few got stuck. So I cut and removed them as much as possible. Then, I removed some of the right wires and then soldered the rest of them and then it turned out much better.  

Simon Says Game

My starter project is a Simon Says Game. You press buttons in the order of how lights flash. The piezo buzzer is used to produce sound, while the micro controller is used as an embedded system. The capacitors are used to store large and small amounts of energy, and the resistors are used to reduce current flow.  LEDs are used as indicator lamps for electronic devices.  I had some challenges while building this game. When I was soldering the micro controller in, it was looking a bit awkward, so I had to de-solder it. Unfortunately, de-soldering did not work, so I had to leave it as it was. But, I realized that it still would work properly. When I finished my project, the only thing I had left to find out was how is it related to the game you play with your friends? I made a guess, but my guess was wrong. The next day, I asked one of my instructors and I found out! I did have some challenges because this was my first time at BlueStamp. Beforehand, I was aware that there would be some challenges, and I need to do it trial-and-error. After finishing this project in 2 days, I’ve gained some experience. I’ve learned something completely new. An important thing I learned was to never be afraid to try something new and make mistakes the first time.

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