3D Printed Robotic Arm

This project is a 3D printed hand wirelessly controlled by a glove. It (currently) uses an Arduino to control everything. The hand was assembled according to instructions on http://theroboarm.com/section1.html


Qilin Y

Area of Interest

Computer Science


Abraham Lincoln HS


Rising Junior

Final Milestone

Final Milestone

Third Milestone

For my third milestone, I made the glove connect to the hand wirelessly via ___________.

Second Milestone

My second milestone was creating a working glove and robotic hand. The glove contains 4 flex sensors. I used an arduino to read the input from the flex sensors and map it to the rotation of the servos. The servos pull wires, which then move a finger. The first challenge I had during this stage was threading the fishing line through the hand. I tried using a needle, but it got stuck. Then I tried using solder to pull the wires through the holes, and was successful. After I installed the servos and tested them, I noticed that a servo horn with 2 spokes didn’t pull the wires enough. I tested using a round servo horn sort of like a pulley, and it seemed to work better than the original servo horn. Also, the top part of the arm broke off when I was testing the first servo. That incidentally made threading the other servos easier. I fixed that at the end with hot glue. For my third milestone, I want to have a glove and robotic hand that connect wirelessly.

First Milestone

For my first milestone, I assembled the 3d printed hand.The hand was printed from the design on theroboarm.com.I used M3 x 20mm screws, and the bolts were M3 nylon lock nuts.During assembly, the thumb joint broke and it had to be reprinted.Right now, one of the fingers can move, but the others can’t. Also, the servos aren’t installed yet.

Useless Machine

For my starter project, I decided to make the Useless Machine. When you flick the switch on the top, a lid opens and a plastic arm turns the switch off. I used a soldering iron and some hand tools during the construction process. The project was finished after about 1 1/2 days.

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