Wifi Strength Indicator

My project is a tool that indicates the strength of wifi around a building. While walking around with the device, the device has LEDs that will light up, indicating the wifi strength through the number of LEDs that are flashing.


Leo F

Area of Interest

Computer Science, Gaming


Homestead High School


Incoming Senior

Final Milestone

Third Milestone

Second Milestone

My first milestone mostly consisted of learning simple concepts, such as using resistors and creating a small circuit using wires. In order to learn these concepts I created demos such as making an LED blink on an arduino after pressing a button and having a potentiometer measure voltage and using that value to determine how fast a light should blink on or off. After I learned these concepts I moved on to more project specific things. I swapped the arduino for the particle photon and hooked an OLED to the photon. I then coded the OLED to display the wifi strength using the Wifi.RSSI function included in the photon libraries.

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