Steve S.

My name is Steve and I attend North Star Academy Lincoln Park High School. My main project is the RC Tank which you can find by clicking the link. The reason I chose this project is due to my interest in military technology – what better way to get involved than making a tank?


I am able to look back  at my time spent at BlueStamp and realize how I like to do work. I am from Newark, New Jersey, and there are little to no engineering opportunities like BlueStamp around. BlueStamp allows you to explore your interests instead of being subjugated to lectures which tell you what to make, when to make it , and how to make it. From Blustamp, I realized that I prefer the more independent based learning that only Bluestamp is able to provide.


Steve S.

Area of Interest

Mechanical Engineering


North Star Academy Lincoln Park High School


Incoming sophomore

Final Milestone

For my final Milestone I was able to create a metal cover for my tank allowing for a more stable ride as well as having it be a lot more protected. How it works is it is nickel plates cut into a ways to fit my tank so it does not interrupt the wheels. From their I added a battery at the center of the top plate to insure that a balance would be kept through out the tank stopping it from being tipped over. A problem I faced was having the right weight to insure that the motors where not over taxed and so i solved it by making the metal extremely thin.


Second Milestone

My second milestone was me finally being able to run my tank. I cut  through the stand and attached my gear box to it. From there I added my programmed arduino which told the left or right motor to turn when the left or right bumper is pressed.  A problem I faced while doing this part was the multiple false connections I made with other PS2 controllers which I solved by changing the serial baud. I found out  that this was the  problem after seeing that the PS2 controller only recognized certain signals so I had to  switch the baud and saw that the controller and arduino was able to connect now. In the end the best part was finally seeing all of my work pay off and actually control my tank with the PS2 controller.

First Milestone

My first milestone was having my PS2 controller communicate with my arduino. This means that all inputs on my PS2 controller would show up on the serial monitor showing that in fact that my PS2 controller and receiver were connected meaning that a connection between the motors and and the arduino were possible now. An issue I face was trying to connect my controller to my receiver. My receiver would connect with other controllers blocking my own from connecting to it. After finding out that the controller and receiver were broken, a replacement of both solved the issue.

Starter Project

My starter project was the racing robot car. How the project worked was  it uses an 9 volt battery  to power a electric motor and from there  a resistor channeled  the flow the power of the 9 volt by the power and insuring that the power if the 9 volt did not over load the board. From there as the motor turned a rubber band moved the wheels allowing for the entire object move.
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