Starter project #1

Sam D - Starter Project

My light organ is a circuit that based on the sound around it, will make a specific color pattern at a speed determined by the trimmer resistors. The PC board contains a microphone that takes in the volume of its surroundings.




A microphone that takes in the volume of the circuit’s surroundings.

Five rings of LEDs.

Seven transistors that help send signals for various lights to turn on.

Three electrolytic capacitors, which help store energy for use when needed to power the lights.

Two horizontal trimmer resistors, which can be adjusted manually, which can change the sensitivity of the microphone and the speed that the lights change.

Eleven resistors which help manage the amount of current within different areas of the circuit.

A 555 IC chip which works as a timer to control the speed in which the lights change to different colors.

A 4017 IC chip, which is a decade counter, which gives signals to determine which lights should be on, and which ones should be off.



Starter project #2

Sam D - 2nd Starter Project

My theremin is my second starter project, which is a musical instrument that changes pitch based on how close your hand is to the oscillator.



An aerial wire which gains more energy if you place hour hand near it because it forms a capacitor since your hand is a conductor, and repels the current into the oscillator IC chip.

An oscillator IC chip that receives the output of the aerial wire, and sends the oscillation to the PIC chip.

A PIC chip that processes the oscillation from the other chip and produces respective pitches to send to the speaker.

Two buttons that can control the pitch of the speakers and can change the pitches to specific, defined pitches.

Three electrolytic capacitors that can store energy for the circuit.

Seven resistors that can manage the current that passes through the different areas of the circuit.

A regulator that lowers the voltage in the circuit from 9 volts to 5 volts in order to not fry the IC chips.

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