Smart Mirror

The smart mirror is a mirror that is designed to include modifications that make the mirror help you in everyday life. For example, uber, Chromecast, time, calendar and more.



Area of Interest

Electrical Engineering


The Young Women’s Leadership of Brooklyn


Incoming Senior

Final Milestone


My experience in BlueStamp has been a challenging experience. I learned that I still need practice when it comes to building and measuring accurately. I also learned that simple ideas can be the best ideas. My strengths in the program were programming the raspberry pi. Programming the raspberry pi allowed me to see that I want to go in a coding major like software engineering or game design.

Final Milestone

My final milestone is adding the Instagram module. So I basically the Instagram module works because you have to get an access token that specificated to your Instagram account. A challenge I had was getting the access token because if you don’t follow the step correctly it won’t give you your access token. I wished I have read the direction carefully than I would have got it done faster.


Third Milestone

My third milestone is getting the Spotify module and a horoscope module to work. The Spotify module had to be connected to my account so I had to go to Spotify developer to get the codes I needed for the module. The horoscope was fairly easy I had to change the horoscope from Libra to cancer. Looking back I realized that I should of pay close attention to the direction than skimming it. My final milestone I will add two more modules.


Second Milestone

My second milestone is getting the frame together. I had to adjust the frame to hold the monitor. I adjusted the frame by adding two wooden planks in the back of the frame so that the two planks are each side of the monitor holding the monitor in place. I also added a piece of wood on one of the planks so it could hold the monitor on the back so if you flip it, the monitor wouldn’t fall out. Looking back I realized the frame was much simpler to adjust than I thought. My next milestone is adding the modules to the magic mirror program.


First Milestone

My first milestone is getting the magic mirror program to work and learning how to ssh. I got the magic mirror program from GitHub the program is called the magic mirror 2 and it has the basic modules like calendar, time, news and complements. A challenge I had was doing the ssh(described below)on my Chromebook because Chromebooks work differently. Looking back I realized that I had more trouble with ssh. My next milestone will be getting the frame done.
Magic Mirror 2




SSH a secure tunnel that allows you to control your raspberry pi easier. SSH is when you to code your raspberry pi without adding a mouse or keyboard. For Chromebook, you have to download a secure shell app. For Macbook you have to go to your terminal to SSH and for windows, you have to download putty. You also need to have the I.P address of your raspberry pi.

Starter Project

The minty boost is a battery-powered USB charger. The minty boost is run by a booster chip. We need the booster because the phone has to be charged by a voltage that’s higher than the batteries can provide. The booster convert chip is driven by an inductor that resist the changes (by creating and destroying a magnetic field). In the booster converter the output voltages will be higher than the voltages it intakes. The inductor regulates the current. The capacitor regulates the voltages output to your device and controls the current that the inductor spikes. While I was making the minty booster I learned that the resistor values are very important because they affect the amount of current that is released. Different components need different amount of voltage.

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