RC – Tank

For my project at BlueStamp I made a remote control tank, its controlled with a Ps2 controller by using an Arduino.


Noah L

Area of Interest

electrical/mechanical Engineering


SAR high school


Incoming Sophomore

Second Milestone

second milestone video

For my Second Milestone, I added the ps2 receiver and finished my tank. I am now able to control the tanks wirelessly using the Ps2 controller. But I had a lot of trouble connecting the Ps2 controller to the Ps2 receiver, so in order to fix the problem I tried different Ps2 receivers. Turned out the problem was the controller not the receiver.

First Milestone

first milestone

For my first milestone I assembled the chassis and started coding the Arduino. I chose the fastest ratio for the gearbox, but took some time to assemble the gearbox. my code was to make the Arduino go forward and I did this by using the L298N motor driver library. This milestone was very important because i started learning how Arduino works and I learned what a motor shield is.

Starter Project

My Starter Project is the minty  boost. The minty boost is a portable charger that runs on two double A batteries. But the cool thing is it has a boost converter wich converts the three volts of energy it has to 5 volts, wich is the amount a phone needs to charge. This project was really fun and really made me love engineering.

inside the minty boost


How it works

The  minty boost is a portable charger that runs on 3 volts of battery, but the cool thing about this portable charger is that it turns the 3 volts into 5 volts so you are able to charge. It is able to do this by using a boost converter wich is made out of a coil, a diode, a capacitor, and the boost chip. all these pieces create a circuit that turns a magnetic field on and off. By collapsing the magnetic field it creates the extra voltage.

Minty Boost Schematic


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