Hello.  My Name is Nathaniel.  I am a rising Sophomore at STEM school and Academy in Colorado.  My Starter project was the Knight Rider project.  I picked this because one of my favorite show is Knight Rider (It’s on Netflix’s).  My main project is an RFID(Radio frequency ID) Scanner.  It will open my computer by entering my password.FRONT COVER

Here is my code for the scanner(Application code is MAC ONLY):


Here is my code to identify the cards:

RFID card indentfier

Here is my Bill of materials:

Bill of Materials

Here are the sketch-up plans of my 3D printed case:

Case plans

My schematic is below.

Most of the project I made myself, but inspiration came from alecnotalex.

RFID schematic


This is my third and last milestone.  This milestone is the scanner in its case and some new cards I made.  These cards are application cards.  The ones I made can open Minecraft, Word, and Powerpoint.  They do this by using my Mac’s spotlight search.  This new feature  will help me launch my applications faster and easier.  Also you can see I made a 3d case to hold the Arduino Leonardo and the RFID scanner.  The top is Acrylic and it has a hatch so it can open and close with ease(as seen in video below).  Also it has two ports to add a battery and the USB cable.  This case replaces the breadboard efficiently and is effective.

Nathaniel's 3rd Milestone BSE Denver 2015


This is my second milestone of my RFID Scanner.  This milestone explains the physics behind the scanner(Also in video).  When the scanner is powered, it emits an weak electro-magnetic field.  This type of field can power on electronic devices(this is how a tesla coil powers a lightbulb).  When I scan my card over the scanner it powers on for a millisecond. For this millisecond, the card’s data is transmitted through radio waves to the scanner.  Then the scanner tells the Arduino the data, and if it is the same card, then the Arduino types my password and sends that to my computer.  The computer then types in the password.  After all this, the scanner resets and is ready to scan again.  My next step is to incorporate bluetooth.

Nathaniel's 2nd Milestone BSE Denver 2015


This is my first milestone of my RFID Scanner.  It is currently three parts.  An Arduino Leonardo, an RFID breakout board, and a ID-12 Innovations scanner.  What this does is that when plugged into my computer, it can unlock it(demonstrated in the video below).  The code was complex to get, and I figured out I needed the Leonardo board and not the Uno.  The code starts the keyboard function only found on the Leonardo.  It connects to the ID-12 scanner and it can scan RFID cards.  My next step is to incorporate bluetooth.

Nathaniel's 1st Milestone BSE 2015


As stated at the top of the page, my starter project was the Knight Rider project.  What it does is the LED’s fade in and out in a row to make a scanner.  The LED’s aren’t actually fading though.  They are blinking so fast we register it as fading.  The pre-programed Microchip does this for me.  It also has a fast, medium, and slow setting.  This makes it go fast, medium, or slow, obviously.  It also has a high power and low power setting.  The high power makes the LED’s brighter, and the Low power makes them dimmer.

Nathaniel's Starter Project BSE Denver 2015

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