Prank Tissue Box

A tissue box that rolls away when you try to take a tissue.


Maximilian C

Area of Interest

Finance/ Mechanical Engineering/ Music




Incoming Junior

Final Milestone

For my Final Milestone, I added another ultrasonic sensor, like the other one it determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and receiving of the ultrasonic pulse. then I mounted it inside the tissue box on the other side and edited my code so that no matter which side of the box your hand is it will roll forward, after I finished this I thought I was done with my project and that maybe I would start something else but with a little bit of help from the instructors I realized that anything I do no matter big or small can and improve my final product. I added 2 more modifications, on a second Arduino I connected a Bluetooth module called the HC-05 and I connected it as the controller for the new light system and to the speech to text aspect of the project. The light system is awesome, I have an app on an android that sends messages through the Bluetooth module to the Serial Monitor where the Arduino is searching for one of two messages, an “a” or a “b” starts one of two sequences of flashing lights. The speech to text system is pretty cool too, so I’m crediting an engineer who’s design I used for reference here. As a concept the text to speech system is an awesome idea, its a way to send messages through using the box, but realistically it’s pretty impractical, how are you supposed to get messages though something that is constantly running away from you, and I still don’t have an answer, but while its stationary you can read the LCD that is displaying the message and to send the message all you need is your voice.

My Final Milestone

Second Milestone

My Second Milestone

For my Second Milestone, I added an ultrasonic sensor which uses a single transducer to send a pulse and to receive the echo. The sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and receiving of the ultrasonic pulse. then I assembled it inside the tissue box (picture underneath) and coded. The first thing my code does is define all the pins and give them names that correspond to their jobs and not just numbers, then I gave the ultrasonic sensor and the motors a command that binds them and their inputs together so that I could just write motor1 or ultrasonic without writing out their individual pins. I set the motors speed using the names I assigned them in the prior step, then I set the ultrasonic sensor to convert its measurements into centimeters. Finally, I set up a conditional statement that tells the box to roll away for 3 seconds if any object comes within 20 centimeters of the ultrasonic sensor.

First Milestone

My First Milestone

My First Milestone for the Prank Tissue Box is connecting the motors and motor driver to the Arduino, coding the motors to my specific needs which are to move whenever they get a signal from the Ultrasonic sensor that has not been installed yet. Also, I powered the Motors and Motor Driver and made sure that they work and will be able to fill their future purpose.

Starter Project

Simon Says

My Starter Project is the Simon Says game, it is a memory game. When you start the game it plays a sequence of colors that once it is completed you repeat by pressing the colors in the same order they played, if you get it wrong you lose. I enjoyed this project because I learned about the different electrical components, like the ATmega microcontroller, and their roles in this circuit as well as how to solder.

Simon Says

These are the instructions, and the schematica are underneath.

Simon Says Schematic

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