My name is Mala and during my first week at Bluestamp Engineering I’ve learned a lot of things. I learned what a soldering iron is, what it is used for and how you use it. I also learned different components of the circuit board. My starter project was a Gram Piano, the way it works is that there’s an electrical field around the keys and when it is touched it gets disturbed and sends current wave to the microchip that picks up the current and sends it to the speaker telling it to emit a sound base off the touch sensor that was touched. Some of the parts of the piano are the resistors that limit the current flow and the microchip which is the brain of the board telling everything what to do as it is pre-programmed. The LED which stand for light emitting diode, the trimpot is a resistor that allows me to change it’s resistance. What I had a problem with was at the end where I broke the connection where battery the was giving power to the board. so I had to track what was wrong with it and solder a battery wire to the battery to connect the power again.

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