Hello, my name is Luis and I’m a rising tenth grader at KIPP NYC College Prep. I am currently am participating in Blue Stamp Engineering. I was interested in BlueStamp because I have interest in becoming a video game programmer, and despite being mainly focused on Robotics and Engineering it offers projects in programming, which one of the projects I will work on is creating my own computer game in the software, Unity, during a 6 week period. I plan on advancing my work further as time passes to eventually become a professional at coding.

Throughout my time here at BlueStamp Engineering I became more independent as I was really on my own when it came to mentor support and base knowledge of the code I was working with, but I treat that as a positive because I really developed in both self-dependence and knowledge in C#. When working on my starter project, he Simon Says game, I used the websites https://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Kits/SFE03-0010-Simon-SMD-Kitcard-08_ONLINE.pdf and https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10935. I also know what I am able to do in a 6 week time period so for later projects I can work on improving my pacing and see what areas I need to improve on. I feel that the work I’ve done can advocate those wanting to do similar projects as mine, and can serve as a basis for different projects rather than the robotics and engineering projects BlueStamp is known for.

2nd Milestone: Intensive Project:

In this video I go through the new additions as well as in a bit into how the character is able interact with his surroundings. I changed my character and background to give off a more isolated, creepy feel to the game. Besides the code the animation wasn’t too difficult to complete mainly because the sprites for my character had already been premade by Unity, so it was a matter of learning how to fit them together and setting the time for transitions between states of movement and idleness.

*All of this code is written in C#

**This code was written in Unity version 5.3.5.


1st Milestone: Intensive Project:

Luis's First Milestone - Custom Unity Computer Game!

In this video I display my custom Computer Game on Unity. I showcase my character’s movement as well as the platforms the character traverses on. The code for both the character’s movement and the randomly generated platforms are shown below:

Character Movement Script:

Platform Spawner Script:

*All of this code is written in C#

**This code was written in Unity version 5.3.5.


Starter Project:

Luis's Starter Project - Simon Says Game

This video shows me explaining how my starter project, The Simon SMD game, functions from the actual game itself to the main components of the project, and how each component assists in effectively running the system. The main components talked about in the video are the MBRA140Diode, NCP1400Regulator and a ATmega328Microcontroller. The Simon SMD Game runs on 5.05V(Voltage) even though the AA Battery given only provides 1.5V. This is where the regulator comes in as it is responsible for maintaining a voltage of 5.05 so the mircocontroller is able complete it’s function, which is to tell the system how to run itself(this component contains the code for the game), telling the Buzzer when and how to make sound, as well as determining when and how the four buttons(LEDs) are supposed to light up.

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