Garden Guardian

There are 4 main parts to the Garden Guardian: the car chassis, robotic arm,  LED Light, and the speaker. The car chassis and the robotic arm are being controlled by the Arduino.


Lucy H

Area of Interest

Computer Science


Monta Vista High School


Incoming Junior

Second Milestone

For my Second Milestone, I added Amazon’s voice control service, Alexa. I chose Alexa over Jasper because I have an Echo Dot and Alexa activated smart light bulbs at home.

Arduino Code

void setup()
  SoftwareSerial mySerial(0, 1); // RX, TX
  delay(5000) ; 
  pinMode(in_1,OUTPUT) ; 
  pinMode(in_2,OUTPUT) ;  
  pinMode(in_3,OUTPUT) ; 
  pinMode(in_4,OUTPUT) ;

  pinMode(light1,OUTPUT) ; 
  pinMode(light2,OUTPUT) ;  
  pinMode(light3,OUTPUT) ; 
  pinMode(light4,OUTPUT) ;
  pinMode(light5,OUTPUT) ; 
  digitalWrite(in_1,HIGH) ;
  digitalWrite(in_2,HIGH) ;
  digitalWrite(in_3,HIGH) ;
  digitalWrite(in_4,HIGH) ;

First Milestone

My First Milestone for the Garden Guardian is to assemble the car chassis together and use code to make it move front and back.

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