Lily is a rising senior at Amador Valley High School. She is an aspiring creator who is passionate about climate change awareness, programming, and graphic design.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Camera V2
LEDs, Resistors, and Wires
M3 Hardware
Stepper Motor
LN298 Stepper Motor Driver
Line Laser
Metal Push Button
Laser Bracket
Motor Bracket
Motor Couple
12 x 12 x 0.125 Wood Sheets

This Raspberry Pi-operated 3D scanner generates a surface mesh by parsing snapshots of a line laser's deflection on a rotating object. To create a functional scanner, I took inspiration from Micheal Xiao's Raspberry Pi Laser Scanner project and applied functions from the FabScan module.


With a project containing multiple components, I focused on the wiring and functionality of each system separately. The 3D Laser scanner makes use of a Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera V2, line laser, motor driver, stepper motor, LED, and LED momentary button.

To connect the LED momentary button, I followed the schematic for wiring an LED with a resistor in series. On the same breadboard, I wired the line laser to the Raspberry Pi. Finally, I attached the stepper motor using the L298N driver and an external 5V DC power supply. Each system is connected with a 1000 ohm resistor in series to protect the Pi's GPIO pins.


For my second milestone, I added a structure to the 3D laser scanner. Six laser-cut wood sheets create a container with two compartments. The purpose of the box is to prevent light from interfering with the line laser. To avoid scattering the laser's beam, I painted the interior of the case matte black. In the lower compartment of the box, the raspberry pi, motor driver, and breadboard systems stay hidden. A slit on the back sheet allows an HDMI cord, external 5V DC power source, and Raspberry Pi power supply to access the lower compartment.


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