At my time at BlueStamp, I’ve created a project called a LED scanner. You might know it from the show BattleStar Galactica  and hit TV show Knight Rider. The main function of the LED scanner is to scan the surroundings of its whereabouts. A light moves throughout the little LED bulbs and goes back and forth. In order to make the LED scanner I used a soldering iron, solder, a microchip(which changes the speed of the scanner), 2 Double AA batteries(1.5V each) , and a 9 LED light bulbs (an extra 1 if 1 doesn’t work). This process was very difficult because when I found out that my other project was hard to fix I got angry at myself. I got started on my LED scanner and finished it on the next day. Plus after I found out that my first starter project was destroyed I kept going because it was my first time using a soldering iron. The way I built this Larson scanner was by putting the resistor into the correct holes. It didn’t matter which way the resistor went in. After all of the resistor were soldered I soldered the capacitor. Then I put in the speed button. The speed button changes the speed of LED scanner. After I put on the speed button the microcontroller was next to be put in.The microcontroller is basically controlling the light bulbs. The last two things that need to on the PCB are the light bulbs and the battery pack (red and black) wires. The red wire goes in the V+ hole and the black wire goes in the V- hole. As you begin  you need to put in  the light bulbs. The light bulbs has a special way of going in. The shorter lead goes closer to the flatter piece of the the circle. After everything has been soldered, the battery pack needs two new and fresh Double AA batteries.

Another starter project that I’ve was the LED dice kit. The LED dice kit was a dice that will light up a number with the LED light bulbs. This was a project that I had the most difficulty. I had this one red wire that didn’t want to stay in its soldered place. Every time that it was soldered it would stay for only like twenty minutes. Plus the metal that holds the soldered red wire would never stay glued to the plastic holder. Even with super glue that I placed on it didn’t keep it on. I had decided to give up after me fixing it almost five times. I am not a lazy person. I like to do things until I get it correct.

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