The Kool Smart Pocketwatch

This project would be in fact making a smartwatch. This smartwatch would be a retro theme watch with a couple of modification. My watch would be one of the greatest things I had ever made. It could even be something more than a smartwatch.



Area of Interest

Making cool stuff and learning


KIPP NYC College Prep High School


Oncoming junior

Final Milestone

stamp summer cool

I fitted all of my components into the smartwatch casing and having it to work after fitting it in. I had to make a 3d printed model for my smartwatch and I made an octagon shape for it. I used Tinkercad to make the model, I learned how to make the model pretty easily. I am also able to put text into it so I put in “Papi” because of my ps4 Gamertag PapiboiXD, add me as a friend. I had to fit in all of the components in without having the wires break off. Some wires did break but I put it back together and better. Then I had to stick the components into the casing so they won’t become loose. Later I did a test to check if after turning on the watch it would work on 10 different occasions. What was difficult in this part was not using the right soldering method and to put the components into the casing.

Second Milestone

Stem Camp
stamp camp lol

I had made my o-led display to work and is connected to the Arduino. Then I had my accelerometer to display its reading to the OLED display. First I had to make sure that the display had to work so exploring the right library for it took a while, but it did work so I made the coding that read the accelerometer and mixed it with how the display is able to show text. So in the end, the display is able to flash out the x, y, and z values to the display. I did lots of soldering and I connected many wires to there individual pins.

First Milestone

I had managed to connect the accelerometer to the Arduino and got readings from it. I had to code the Arduino to read out the accelerometer. The accelerometer is a component that read out its orientation in an x, y, and z-axis. I hooked up the accelerometer to the Arduino in certain pins. I used a breadboard to connect the Arduino with the accelerometer. I got the Arduino software and I got a code to read out those numbers. The process was long and confusing but at the end, I manage to get the triple axis accelerometer breakout to work with the Arduino pro mini. One challenge I faced was the coding so the accelerometer was confusing and took a long time to understand. During the whole time, I was under stress, I was struggling for a couple days but it was exciting to find out new things
Bill of materials
Please fill this out for all parts that will be required for your project.
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Item # Description Vendor Part Number Qty Unit Cost Total Cost
Link to Where to Purchase
1 mini USB cable usb 2.0 amazon 1 $4.99 $4.99
2 Arduino Pro mini 3.3v sparkfun DEV-11114 1 $9.95 $9.95
3 128×64 OLED amazon 1 $8.99 $8.99
4 3.7v lithium polymer battery amazon 1 $15.24 $15.24
5 DS3231 precision RTC adafruit 3013 1 $13.99 $13.99
6 USB LIION/LIPOLY CHARGER v1.2 adafruit 259 1 $12.50 $12.50
7 SparkFun Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout-ADXL335 sparkfun Sen-09269 1 $14.95 $14.95
8 FTDI232 digi-key 1568-1720-ND 1 $11.95 $11.95

Starter Project

My starter project was to make Mintyboost which acts like a portable charger but its made with some components, batteries, and a mint case. Mintyboost works by having resistors, ceramic capacitors, a diode, an IC socket, power inductor, and a boost converter chip. It starts out with a resistor, there are different resistors that have different functions, their main purpose is to create a resistance to the electrical current. The ceramic capacitors help stabilize the output voltage and the internal reference of the boost converter chip. The diode is used to make sure the current goes to one direction within its flow from the USB to the batteries. The IC socket protects the chip and allows to replace the chip. The power inductor uses the converter chip to convert power from the 3v battery to the 5v battery. The batteries are used to power the whatever you want to charge and is the main source of power. And the boost converter helps regulate the flow of power and gives off a boost of power.

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