Kayla R.

My name is Kayla, and I am a rising sophomore at Promise Academy 1 High School. My starter project is the voice changer and I picked it because I felt that when it actually work I could hear my success. The  portable centrifuge  was my intensive project and I chose it because I could use it for separating liquids which I thought was pretty cool. BlueStamp was an amazing experience for me, it allowed me to become a better engineer and person. The problem solving skills and independence I have gained were not only helpful at BlueStamp but in the real world. Because of BlueStamp I am now interested in engineering and everything it has to offer.



Area of Interest

Mechanical Engineering


Promise Academy 1


Incoming Sophomore

Final Project

For my final milestone I have hot glued the pipette holders at a 40 degree angle to the motor hub ring so that the liquid in the pipette can spin to the bottom and separate I also added weights so that the can wouldn’t shake as much. I used salt water to test the centrifuge and it separated, it took  like five minutes so I prepared on for my milestone and you can see the salt separated from the water at the bottom of the pipette.

Third Milestone

This milestone has the combined motor hub and the pipette holders, even though the structure is stable, the angle the pipettes are being held at don’t allow the liquids to separate because  it was spinning to the side instead of to the bottom. For my final milestone I will improve my design so that way the liquids can separate, I will also make it so that the center of mass is in the middle of the centrifuge so it doesn’t wobble.

Second Milestone

For this milestone I have design pipette holders for and attached them the the motor hub that I designed with paper clips this allows the piper holder to spin on the hinges that the paper clips create applying centrifugal force and separating the liquids. Although the liquids could be separated based of the design the paper clips continuously broke and wouldn’t spin long enough for the liquids to actually separate. For my next milestone I will make a combined hub and pipette holder .

First Milestone

My intensive project was the portable centrifuge, the motor controller has an IC chip which takes signals from the potentiometer based on how far to the left or right the dial is turned and sends a signal to the motor telling it how fast to spin based on the signals. The entire system runs on a nine volt battery but it can take up to twelve volts. Finally I mounted the motor controller to the can and put insulated material in between to prevent a shortage. For my next milestone I will 3D print a combined motor hub and pipette holder as well as a seperate motor mount.

Starter Project

The starter project that I have chosen is the voice changer. The voice changer runs on a nine volt battery and requires a 4-32 ohm luidspreker to amplify sound. The transducer in the microphone transmits the sound into an electrical signal that gets sent to the IC chip and can be altered based on the selected pitch and mode

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