Raspberry Pi image recognition

Using Tensorflow and Cloud to train models to detect various objects.


Naveen S

Area of Interest

Computer Science and Engineering


Washington High School


Rising Senior

Final Milestone

My Starter Project


Second Milestone

My First Milestone

My second milestone

First Milestone

My first milestone

Starter Project

My Starter Project

The starter project I chose was the TV-B-Gone remote. The TV-B-Gone Remote basically acts like a universal remote that is able to turn off any TV screen or screen that has an infrared sensor. It does so by sending out the same signal that universal remotes send out to signal the screen to turn off. This can be done by pressing the button at the bottom left. The main problem I encountered was the process of soldering itself and this project was a soldering heavy project which made it difficult to complete at the beginning. I would end up putting too much solder which would cause two holes to be connected together and short-circuit. As a result, I had to desolder the holes which was even more difficult. I eventually got the hang of it and was able to complete the project with relative difficulty. With this project, I learned about the process of soldering and desoldering and a bit about the field of electrical engineering. The starter project has a traditional circuit board attached to two double batteries. There is a switch box that basically acts like a button to send out the infrared wave. There are also three resistors which “resist” the current and lowers current flow. There are also capacitors that help store electric charge or current and release them whenever needed. There is a microcontroller that has all the programs stored in it. Finally, there are 4 transistors that help amplify electric power. My goal is to use the knowledge that I have gained from this experience to better understand how the raspberry pi works to better my main project.
Attached is the image of the TV-B-Gone remote. The image contains all the components used in the project, such as the IR LEDs, transistors, microcontrollers, capacitors, a switch box, and a battery.

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