Music Led Light Strip

LED light strips that sync with music


Karan S

Area of Interest

Electrical Engineering


Gunn High School


Rising Highschool Freshman

Final Milestone:


First Milestone:

First Milestone Diagram (This is a diagram which describes the processes explained below)

For my first milestone, I got my microphone to work and display levels. The microphone converts the audio energy into electrical energy which then outputs it into the computer which reads it in volts. While working on this I ran into a couple of issues. One was I wasn’t sure what frequency or time span to read in the levels so I decided on 50ms. Also, there wasn’t enough power for my microphone and my led strip so every time my led plugged in my microphone levels would divide by 100 and I could not figure out what was wrong. After a while, I found it and added more power.

Starter Project

For my starter project, I chose the mintyboost portable charger. It is a portable charger powered by batteries instead of recharging it. I chose this project because I found it interesting and I think it would be useful. There are three main parts to the charger. The case, battery pack, and circuit board. The case is just an Altoids case with a cut for the USB to go in. The battery pack is using two 1.5 V AA batteries that make 3V in total.  The circuit board consists of resistors, capacitors, and diodes. To control the electricity through the board. A USB jack to plug your charger to connect to your device, and a 5v Boost converter chip to boost the voltage and allow charging through the port. Since it’s going into a device it has to be between a certain number of volts otherwise it will not work because they don’t want to overheat it or fry the battery. In this case, it had to be above 4.8V and below 5.2V. After all that, it works. I can know charge my device with batteries!

Now I can use this to charge my phone!

Starter Project

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