NeoPixel Goggles

Light up costume goggles.

Kai M

Beekman School – Rising Senior

Final Milestone

First Milestone

For my first milestone of my final project (NEOpixel goggles), I  finished the main soldering and programming of my project. The soldering was very self explanatory. The programming however, took a bit more work to get the code to do the rainbow effect. My next step is to add a photoresistor, which would make it turn on when exposed to darkness and find a new battery source.


The MintyBoost is a self-assembly portable charger. I used mostly soldering to built it. The casing was the only part that non-soldering assembly was required. For that I needed to cut the tin to make room for the usb charger port and line the inside with masking tape. The chip that created involved parts that included a boost converter circuit, power supply capacitors, bypass capacitors and resistors. What is each of those parts and what it does:   Boost Converter Circuit – it is a DC-to-DC (Direct current) power converter that steps up voltage while stepping down current from its input supply to its output load.   Electrolytic Capacitors – these capacitors are used to smooth/filter the pulsating DC (Direct current) output after rectification so that a nearly constant DC voltage is supplied to the load.   Bypass Ceramic Capacitors – is a capacitor that is placed between a DC signal and ground to remove any alternating current component of the signal by creating an alternating current short circuit to ground.   Resistors – they are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines, among other uses.   Some challenges I faced while making this project were mostly small little mistakes when I mis-soldered some components and I had to re-solder them. I also forgot to add and solder a component. These were all easy mistakes to find and fix with soldering.   I really enjoyed being able to solder for this project, although having to re-solder some parts were a bit difficult. The only concern I had with this project was that the MintyBoost became very warm after a period of time in use, which is normal.

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