Hi my name is Justin I got into BlueStamp because I wanted to try an engineering program and I wanted to see how things would work. I go to Mount Saint Michael Academy

Justin A - Final Milestone

My main project is the mp3 player. The mp3 player kit comes with everything you need to build a mp3 player. You need to solder the headers to the mp3 player shield then put the shield on the arduino board. Everything else is already soldered on. You need an SD card to put your music on. You can use your laptop/computer as a power source by using a USB cord. The mp3 player shield has a slot for a USB cord, speakers/headphones, and an SD card. The headers for the shield are stackable so you can put the shield right on top of the arduino board. You will need pushbuttons for this project, and you need to do coding for this project. There is a reset button on the shield and the arduino board. You are going to need a breadboard or a PCB board. If you use a PCB board you need to solder and if you use a breadboard you do not need to. You need an arduino library and you need to install it and upload the code you got from Sparkfun if you are doing the coding. I had trouble with the coding, and trouble getting the mp3 player to turn on and play music. I also had trouble getting the buttons to work. First, I had to set up the SD card, and I had to rename my music tracks. I then had trouble uploading the code, but I resolved this problem by changing the code. I changed the code by changing the order of the numbers and I changed the name of the tracks from track001.mp3 to track001.



My starter project is the grand mini piano. The resistors reduce the electrical current. The capacitors hold the electric energy. The IC chip acts like a microprocessor. The potentiometer reduces the volume. The pushbutton turns the circuit off and on. The LED lights up when you turn the project on. The batteries provide the power. The speaker provides the sound. The piano has a touch board on the bottom of the circuit board. The piano is a thin red board. You might need a screwdriver for this project. You will need a soldering iron and solder. This piano comes with stands so it can stand on any flat surface. There is also some coding involved with this project.

Justin A - Starter Project

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