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    at 13:24Sorry, I don’t have any manufacturing caipcaty, and handling the ordering of parts, soldering, payment, shipping to interested parties, and possible support and returns issues is something that I’d rather not do, but rather focus on learning new stuff and writing about that in here (if I’d price my time, the password generators would also become prohibitively expensive, something like 40e282ac a piece). Of course, if you like the blog, you’re also welcome to donate via PayPal (donations over $10 get a free ATtiny2313 header PCB while they last :).I recommend you to check out YubiKey, which is a commercial solution that’s in many ways superior (consumer-grade, more versatile) to the DIY solution if you’d rather like to buy a ready-made unit. And as said, Ben might still have boards if you have a solder iron and the parts (and ISP programmer) yourself.jimmy says:October 30, 2012 at 20:07all right men i understand, yes ofcourse i like your blog. but i’m just started so i dont know much stuff, that is why i also don’t know what a ATtiny2313 header PCB is. and also no what isp is. but thanks anyway for your reply and your link.but if anyone else like to help me to learn stuff like that i would appreciate it and you’re welcome to replyjokkebk says:October 30, 2012 at 23:33Sure, didn’t mean to be rude either, just thought to explain in detail why not! 🙂 If you are just starting, take a look at my V-USB tutorial, it’s rather beginner-friendly and contains some pointers to get you started. I can also recommend forums, they have a nice tutorial section. Welcome to the world of electronics!jimmy says:October 31, 2012 at 20:11I think this is a misunderstand because i didn’t thought that you where rude 😉 so it’s okay. I defenetly wil take a look for that tuto’s. again thanks for the link, and i wish you the best with your blog

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