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My name is Jose F. and I would like petroleum engineering to be my major when I get into college. My starter project is The Minty Boost starter project and my intensive project is the Infinity LED Table.


Jose F.

Area of Interest

Civil Engineering




Incoming Senior


Spending six weeks at Bluestamp Engineering has not only been a great experience, but it has also been a time of realization. Realization that you can learn the most through hands on work on your own! That you don’t need to spend a whole day in a class learning about what Engineering is about. You only need hands on work and creativity to create something wonderful on your own. In the beginning I did not believe I was capable to keep up with what I believed to be a fast paced environment the students and leaders had in the classroom. I slowly began to realize that I was not so different and not so lost. By the end of the first week I had created a phone charger using a PCB Board and batteries and that was when it hit me. The sense of self accomplishment and amount of knowledge you gain from completing a small or large project is something I crave for now. I am extremely excited to share with everyone my Infinity LED Table.

Final Milestone

Model and Measurements:

You can see model/measurements in this link

Before I could do anything major with the table I was provided with, I had to measure and know the table inside and out. I began this process by using a website named onshape. After signing up, I proceeded to create a 3D model of my table and the future cuts I would be performing. The website was helpful enough to provide a section devoted to making a professional measurement sheet. After all of this was done and approved by one of the leaders here at bluestamp I was then allowed training to use the power drill and handsaw to create cuts and holes to finally complete my table.


First Milestone


The schematic is shown here in this link


The main code is shown in this link

Library for code to work is shown in this link also.

Through out the whole process of making this LED strip to light up and create beautiful, lovely, and explosive patterns. I was some what frustrated with myself for not being able to figure out how to connect everything correctly based off of an instruct-able I was following, but it allowed me to experiment with different things I plugged and unplugged on the Arduino, electrolytic capacitor, 5v DC barrel jack, and a JST SM connector. After I figured out how to connect everything I had to add in the code to make this LED strip come to life. After code after code based off of different websites I realized the code was not working because I was not adding part of the codes library which was not provided. So I eventually found a library that can be used for my code which was included as “#include <Adafruit_NeoPixel.h>” this allowed arduino to be able to install the code I was using into the Arduino Circuit Board and LED strip lights.

First Milestone

Starter Project

My Starter Project is the Minty Boost Starter project which basically is a PCB with resistors, ceramic and electrolytic capacitors, a schottky diode, one power inductor, an IC socket, an IC chip, AA battery holder, and a USB port which can charge 3/4 of my iPhone 6 using two AA batteries. The process I went through to accomplish this project was first learning about safety in the class and learning how to solder. The first day consisted of both those basic steps. By the end of the first day I completed the soldering tutorial and completed soldering all my parts to my printed circuit board (PCP). I also tested my PCP to see if the voltage was precise. Additionally, I also created my own method to solder which was easier for me so it was extremely efficient. Day two and three was filled with learning about each and every part and what their individual purpose is on the PCP on my own. Day 5 I finished recording my video talking about each individual piece and their purpose. Advice I would give to future BlueStamp Engineering students who choose to work on the Minty Boost is that you should learn how to solder efficiently and never be too safe to have fun. I also highly recommend to study each individual part on your PCP at home so the next day you can record the video and not waste time.

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