• Asif

    I remember, back berfoe the internet, this was basically how I learned anything outside of asking people I knew. So it was very important that the article actually tell you, how to do it. Which a lot of articles seem to be a quick over view, some pretty pictures, and short captions, that are basically, insert tab here, and if you’re lucky, the picture is big enough you can see what tab it is, and where it goes.Also its nice, even if you don’t plan on building it, that the article is informative enough to learn something from. When I was just starting with electronics I got a subscription to Nuts and Volts, reading the articles was always helpful, cause, while I might have no plans of building it, I could at least learn a thing or two about some component, or process.The stuff I’ve learned from magazines, everything from race prepping a RC car, to installing car stereos, lowering a truck, 4 4 techniques and a bunch of stuff that I didn’t have, just found fun to read and learn about.

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