LED Matrix Pong Game

It is a classic arcade game the pong game. It is powered by Arduino and displayed on a LED matrix.



Area of Interest

Video game and computer science


Homestead Highschool


Rising Junior


The thing I built was a pong game that you people can play on an LED matrix.The paddles are controlled by potentionmeters.  I think bluestamp is a really interesting summer camp, I came in here with basically no engineering experience and turned out that I finished project on time and I learned so much stuff about engineering the past 3 weeks.

Third Milestone

This is my 3rd Milestone, this milestone I added many things to make my game work. I added paddles, whenever the ball hits the paddle, the paddle works as a wall when the ball bounce into its ball will bounce back and keep going.  I also added the goal system, whenever the ball hit the scoreline the ball will reset to the starting position.

Second Milestone


This is my second milestone, this second milestone I made is a dot bouncing around walls that I set on an LED matrix. To make it work first of all I have to connect the LED matrix to Arduino and light it up, this step is simple next step is to set coordinate on the LED matrix, there is a lot of code involved in this step. The last step is to add physics and walls, this is the hardest step and I faced a lot of challenges, for example, LED not lighting up, the ball bouncing so slow.

First Milestone


The first milestone I made a dot on LED strips that bounces back and forth and when it hits the limit it will change color. To make it work I connected the LED strip to my Arduino Uno and I had code that can make LED strips work. The code I wrote was really simple, I use two loops one lights up the LED strip and the other one turns off the LED strip.

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