Jay G.

Hello, My name is Jay and I am a rising freshman at the Ramaz high school. For my main project I decided to build the 3D printed robotic based on this instructable. I chose this project because I am interested in all disciplines of engineering because robots are always super cool. For my starter project I did the voice Changer based on the instructable. I chose this because I wanted to sharpen my skills in circuitry.


Jay G.

Area of Interest

Mechatronic Engineer


Ramaz High School


Rising Freshman

Final Milestone

My third and final milestone is that I finished all the electronics and integrated them to the entire system. I did it by soldering the flex sensors and servos ground and power to separate sides of a board. After that I plugged the pin wires from the flex sensors into the analog pins on the arduino. Then I attached the pin wires from the servos to the digital pins on the arduino. To finish the circuit connected everything to the breadboard and added a heat sync so it would not overheat. Finally when I turn it on I have a working hand.

Second Milestone

For my main project I chose the 3D printed robotic hand. My second milestone is that I assembled it. First I put the hand together then I threaded fishing wire through the fingers. Then I connected them to the servos that are mounted in the forearm, I then glued the finger tips so the fingers would bend better. After, I attached the flex sensors to the glove by sewing them on to the fingers. Then I filed down the cover for the forearm and any extra material in the hand.

First Milestone

For my main project I chose the 3D printed robotic hand. My first milestone is that I got the flex sensors to work with the servos. The flex sensors make a voltage divider network. so when I bend the sensor the resistance increases giving the analog pin on the arduino a value. In code that value meets a condition that makes the servo move. I soldered a ground, 5 volt, and analog pin on each sensor. The thing I had trouble with was plugging the wires into the right spot because it got confusing. From here I am going to connect the sensors to a glove and see if I can get them working with the servos.

Starter Project

For my starter project, I built the voice changer. It has many different components like: resistors, capacitors, a transducer, a speaker, a potentiometer, and some other components. The way it works is that the audio is captured by the transducer and then it sends the sound waves to the IC which processes the data with the settings that are set. After that they are sent to the smaller IC which is a low voltage audio amplifier that increases the volume; it is regulated by the large potentiometer. Finally the audio signal is sent to the speaker. While working on this project I refreshed my memory on a lot, like soldering. When I finished the project it didn’t work. At first I thought it was a problem with the soldering. But after troubleshooting, I saw that an IC chip was placed in backwards. I am glad that I solidified my standing on troubleshooting and I had a lot of fun.

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