The reason I joined BSE is that I wanted more exposure to what an engineer does in the real world. I hope to pursue a career in computer engineering. My main project is to build a fully functional smart watch that I will code later on.



I have finally gotten my watch into a smaller compact form! The watch can receive notifications, text messages, emails, phone calls, and also tell the time and date. This is all possible because of a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module receives information from my phone and displays it onto the OLED screen. I ran into a lot of problems while completing this project such as breaking an OLED screen and trimming down all of the wires so that it can fit into the watch case that I had 3-D printed. Be prepared for a lot of wire breakage. Trying to squeeze everything into the case is very difficult. You should aim to use the thinnest wires possible.

This entire project was possible because of an Instructables webpage that I found. Here is a link to it:

I am also going to include a link to the code that I modified:

Here is a Schematic that I used to build my Watch:

I have finally reached my first milestone on my main project. After a week of troubleshooting multiple problems with my code I finally uploaded it onto my temporary board. The OLED turned on and I synced the Bluetooth  module with my phone. The current time, as well as notifications from my phone, can now be displayed onto the screen. My next step is to upload my code onto my Arduino Pro Mini and to also connect my Bluetooth Module and OLED to the board as well.

Javier Milestone 1

For my starter project I built a Minty Boost. It’s basically a portable charger that runs off of two AA-batteries, resistors, transistors, a voltage converter, and a diode. Some problems that I had during the build were that the battery melted the casing because I bridged some resistors that weren’t meant to be bridged. This was fixed by wrapping the two batteries in tape and placing the wires onto the tape. Everything is fixed and completely functional.

Javier Starter Project Overview

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