• Hello my name is Jared and I will be a incoming junior next year . I will be attending Westbury Christian High School. For these six weeks I will be working hard on two projects . The first project that I will be working on is my starter project . For my starter project I chose the minty boost.I chose the minty boost because I found it very interesting to build a portable charger for your own phone. For my main project I decided to pick the RC Robot Tank. I chose this project because I found interesting to build your on tank and also create your own code for a PS2 controller.

CAD http://www.billporter.info/2010/06/05/playstation-2-controller-arduino-library-v1-0/

List Of Materials



CAD.pdf \


Jared's First Milestone - BSE Houston 2014
Jared's Starter Project Houston BSE 2014
  • The video link above is my starter video and it basically talks about how i created my starter project also the different pieces that are involved in my starter project in order for my starter project to work. My project works with resistors, capacitors to adapt  a 3 volt charge to 5 volt charge in order to give the USB enough power  to charge a phone.

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