First Milestone

For my Main Project I am  building a TV remote control jammer which prevents others from changing the Television. So far I started building the circuit on a breadboard which is my outline for when I build the final one on the PCB. According to the website!/ the blueprint was quite complicated because I was unsure on how to connect specific resistors to certain parts of the chip based on its sequential numbering.

Hi my name is Jai’Quin, and here at the Blue Stamp Engineering Program I began with a starter project which was a portable phone charger,powered by two A-A batteries. In the project I did have several obstacles in which I was missing two of the resistors in the project and because of this I had to create a resistor pair that would have an equivalent resistance to that of the missing resistors. For example to get 75k 1% resistance I put two 150k resistors in parallel.  For the 3.3k resistors I put a 1.1k and 2.2k resistor  in series. In the minty boost it included the battery which was one of the main power source allowing the phone to charge. Also the project included capacitors that stabilize the output voltage by storing energy. The Boost C0nvverter  chip takes a lower voltage and converts it into a higher voltage.



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