Gesture Controlled Robot Car With Accelerometer

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Ilan Goldfein                  SAR High School

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Software Engineering     Incoming Freshman

Milestone Three

My third Milestone was to present my project and add the finishing touches. First, I added all the controller circuits onto a glove for simpler control. Next, I needed to fit all of the car hardware onto the chassis. Because of the small size of the chassis, this was not so easy. I hot glued the motor driver battery pack to the bottom of the car to make space for the arduino. Next, I took a 9v battery clip and soldered it to a 9V DC plug so I would be able to power the arduino. That battery then went in the middle of the motors. I then screwed the arduino and the motor driver into the top of the car to keep them from falling off.


Milestone two

My second Milestone was to finish my base project. I began doing that by sending the accelerometer values to the robot. I was able to accomplish this by using nRF modules. Using these modules was not easy. To do this, I created a sendData() function and then passed direction values as character arrays into that function. The function would then take those values and send them over nRF to the robot. Once the robot had those values, I then had it map them into the different directions. I mapped the directions by creating if statements for the different xyz values. Once the robot had those directions, it then sent them to the motor driver to move the car.

Motor Driver Wiring
Wiring For Accelerometer

Milestone one

Example of the accelerometer 3D mapping with processing

My First Milestone was to have the basic components of the project working. The first thing I needed to get working was the motors. I used an H-Bridge to program simple directional control. Next, I used the accelerometer module to receive the hand-tilt data in XYZ format. I was then able to use that data in two ways. 1. I used the serial monitor to see the yaw, pitch, and roll values, which I will soon change into left, right, forward, etc. 2. I used processing to 3d map the data to make sure that I was receiving the correct values.

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