Have you ever wanted to build an electrical dice-kit? If so, today I am here to tell you a little something! I have built a “Dice-kit” from spikenzielabs. The way it works is by, tapping the Dice-kit on the table, and the LEDs will light up and show a random number from 1-6.  After a short while, the dice goes into sleep mode, until the next time it is tapped.

One things that is listed inside of the dice is PIC12F675.  The name PIC  stands for Peripheral Interface Controller. Another thing that is part of the dice kit are resistors. 470 ohm, which is basically a resistor that adjust circuit elements.  A 1 meg ohm is another resistor that allows any static charge, whether from the bench through the product and then through the grounded person or operator or vice-versa, to discharge completely over time, typically less than 1 second. The 1ok ohm commonly used in breadboards and perf boards, these 10K resistors make excellent current limiters. The zener diode a form of semiconductor diode in which at a critical reverse voltage a large reverse current can flow. The 10mm LED is basically a light that makes a light emitter. Which the two first letters in LED stands for light emitting.

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