Solar Panel Sun Tracker

Solar Panel Sun Tracker


Gabriel S

Area of Interest

Marine Biology / Engineering


SAR High School


Incoming Senior

First Milestone

First Milestone

For my first milestone I created the chassis for the solar panel to sit on.  I created it using K,nex and formed two A-frames that were attached at the bottom.

Then I created a bed for the solar panel to sit on by creating a rectangle out of the K,nex and then hot gluing the solar panel onto it.  Furthermore, I created a prototype circuit that uses photo-resistors to tell the position of a light source to track it using a servo based on the relative light level between the two photo-resistors.

Second Milestone

For my second milestone I attached the photo-resistors to the solar panel using hot glue. I then attached the servos to the solar panel to allow for controlled movement. I attached the servos using zip ties and some wire because they were the only available materials that were rigid enough to be able to push the solar panel. I then did some tests to confirm the functionality of the servos, the code and the photo-resistors.

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