Hello, my name is Faustino and I am a rising junior at Eastwood Academy. I love engineering and technology and I joined BlueStamp Engineering because it seemed like the perfect program to join. I have a huge passion for the automotive world and I want to be a mechanical engineering and work with and design cars for a living.

My first starter project was the portable phone charger and how it basically works is that phone need 5 volts to charge and the batteries only provide 3 volts, so on the circuitboard, there is a 5 power booster that will increase the current of the electrons from the battery, in turn providing more voltage to charge the phone, in the device, there are also your usual resisters to prevent shorts and capacitors to hold the power. All in all, it was a device that was pretty easy to put together and when my phone dies, I will have this device in handy!


Faustino's Starter Project (Minty Boost) - BSE Houston 2014


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